Book Release


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It’s here! The Cycle of Foraging: a book of days is available now on Amazon, or directly from us, via Paypal.

This book is a labor of love that details the yearly cycle of foraging our family enjoys, and the wonderful relationships we have formed with our world. Each of the over 50 species is presented chronologically, by month, as they come into season throughout the year. Also included for each species is information on habitat, harvesting and preparation, benefits for wildlife and environmental impact, as well as how to grow them in your own “neck of the woods”! There is also additional information concerning precautions, local laws, and methods for preparing some of the unique flours we’ve developed from many of the species we harvest.

With Hundreds of full-color photographs and dozens of original paintings, this book is not only the perfect work for those beginning to forage, it is also a work of Art.


Wild Foods


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We are constantly pushing the envelope and coming up with new ideas for delicious eats here at our house. From Cattail macarroni and lasagna to new mesquite and beautyberry desserts and much more! Keep checking back to see what we’ve been¬†cooking!


Art and the Environment