I spend a lot of time between more serious pieces, doing fun little ones for friends or family or just for myself. These little ones are a lot of fun and they keep my imagination going in new directions.

Quite a few of them actually end up being finished paintings.

Anyway, I’ve started looking back at some of them and I’ve decided it might be good to add an additional space for them on the Gallery page.

To start it off, here are just two that I did a while back and hadn’t looked at again until recently

summer    thoughts on creation

Follow the link to see the rest of what I’ve put up so far!

Very silly stuff; just looking back at them makes me chuckle….




Wild foods are healthy, sustainable, and free. Propagating these species can restore native habitat while providing a healthy, sustainable and free resource for people.

Utilizing these kinds of resources can strengthen communities and improve social equality. It can also depress the need for traditionally large families due to agricultural and/or economic necessity. The effect of these reactions is a population’s fertility rate decreasing over time leading to a smaller population; which enables us to utilize these same resources even more.

Ultimately, as we restore more and more of these species, the more the natural environment is restored and the more these resources can meet our needs as a result; that positive correlation is the most important revelation of this truth. The near perfect biological efficiency of it is what makes it so sustainable. These species evolved to these natural environments, and to us, over hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. They need no extra handling, nor extraneous labor or much of anything else. They have their perfectly adapted roles in the biological community, and so do we.



Wild Life Experiment: day 5!

Well, that’s it folks! Game-set-match. I think I can speak for Lacie as well when I say that the past five days have been remarkably easier than most people would have imagined.

The key, again, I really believe has been cultivating a rhythm with our environment; not even just what’s out there, but when it’s there too. I don’t say this to mystify anyone, creating this connection is as natural for us as loving your mother, quite the opposite; I want to inspire people by demonstrating just how basic and simple this can be.

At the same time, it’s deeply rewarding. My wife said it best at the end of the third day, I think: “It didn’t cost us a dime!” Everything we’ve enjoyed came straight from the habitat we are intrinsically a part of, just as intrinsically in fact as the food we’ve been eating. But it’s not just free food, it’s better food!

What we’ve been eating, if we were able to purchase it at a farmer’s market or upscale grocery, would’ve been way out of our reach, not just because it would be considered exotic (the word irony doesn’t quite cover this….) but also because it’s all natural, organic and healthy.

And sustainable. No fertilizer, no water, no work necessary.

People have a right to know this.


Back-to-Mother Earth, Texas style

Today we had mesquite porridge (oatmeal?) with wild grapes, which is becoming my favorite thing for breakfast, acorn “brownies” with pecans (which is now Lacie’s favorite and bona fide delicacy if there ever was one), cattail soup and finally, slow-cooked venison ribs.

Bam. There you have it. Anyone that says hunter-gatherers enjoy a “…Short, nasty, brutish existence” has no idea what they’re talking about.

Wild Life Experiment: day 4

Today has been a very easy day. With so much left over from previous days, we haven’t had to do any cooking. All I did today was crack some more pecans, which fascinates the moon munchkin.

We did eat some mashed up cattail roots that I’d made up yesterday for Luna, but Mama really wanted us to try them first….

Mashed cattail roots with seasoning added

I pulled out some ribs for tomorrow; being our last day, I thought we should do it in style. My biggest hope is that this week turns out to be so easy that we just keep on it, in one form or another….

Wild Life Experiment: day 3

So today was a very hectic day with my wife starting school this evening and I wanted to help her make sure she was going to enjoy it as much as she could.

She did. We also had an amazing roast with cattails to eat today along with more wonderful sweet bread (I call it sweet bread because I don’t know what else to call it, nut bread just doesn’t fit; it kinda has the course consistency of a cookie….)

Roast venison with young cattail shoots

The amazing thing is, going into our fourth day, we actually have left overs! Left over roast, left over mesquite-meal (porridge?), left over bread, more fruit and greens…. All I’ll do today is maybe crack some nuts.

At this point I believe it is safe to say that we are killin’ it.

Wild Life Experiment: day 2

So for day two, we had a little more extravagant breakfast. Acorn/mesquite bread loaf with cherry jam and wild grapes, even had a fancy platter to eat it off of!

Grapes, wild cherries, and sweet bread

Dinner didn’t include salads this time around (Luna and I didn’t go out for some reason….) but we ate the rest of the pecans we cracked along with some flatbread for lunch. The rest of the back straps rounded dinner out pretty nicely nonetheless.

I gotta say, after being used to very rich, heavy foods, today was a little tough on both of us. Wild foods are much higher in nutrient content, but somewhat lower in terms of overall calories. Even the way we ate before this week still had us accustomed to being able to have more calorie-rich food. We had both felt the effects of this switch today, to the point where it could might even affect our mood. As soon as we sat down to dinner however, WHUP, instant switch. After that, we both felt fine the rest of the night.

Tomorrow, we’ll try a nice roast along with some more delicious nut-bread.

Wild Life Experiment: day 1

Our first day of our short little experiment is already over and we both feel extremely optimistic about our outlook.

This morning we both had mesquite porridge, which admittedly my wife found a little hard to endure owed to the flavor reminding her of peanut butter and jelly (???)

I think our dinner went over much better. During the day, the little moon-bug and I went to pick some fresh greens to mix with the biggest-wood sorrel-ever which we picked yesterday at the park. We topped it with roasted pecans we had picked in the Fall and fresh oregano from outside.

To go with this, we had thawed out two back straps from the deer.

Bon appetit!


All in all, an easy and great start to a fun week!