Wild Life Experiment: day 2

So for day two, we had a little more extravagant breakfast. Acorn/mesquite bread loaf with cherry jam and wild grapes, even had a fancy platter to eat it off of!

Grapes, wild cherries, and sweet bread

Dinner didn’t include salads this time around (Luna and I didn’t go out for some reason….) but we ate the rest of the pecans we cracked along with some flatbread for lunch. The rest of the back straps rounded dinner out pretty nicely nonetheless.

I gotta say, after being used to very rich, heavy foods, today was a little tough on both of us. Wild foods are much higher in nutrient content, but somewhat lower in terms of overall calories. Even the way we ate before this week still had us accustomed to being able to have more calorie-rich food. We had both felt the effects of this switch today, to the point where it could might even affect our mood. As soon as we sat down to dinner however, WHUP, instant switch. After that, we both felt fine the rest of the night.

Tomorrow, we’ll try a nice roast along with some more delicious nut-bread.


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