Wild Life Experiment: day 5!

Well, that’s it folks! Game-set-match. I think I can speak for Lacie as well when I say that the past five days have been remarkably easier than most people would have imagined.

The key, again, I really believe has been cultivating a rhythm with our environment; not even just what’s out there, but when it’s there too. I don’t say this to mystify anyone, creating this connection is as natural for us as loving your mother, quite the opposite; I want to inspire people by demonstrating just how basic and simple this can be.

At the same time, it’s deeply rewarding. My wife said it best at the end of the third day, I think: “It didn’t cost us a dime!” Everything we’ve enjoyed came straight from the habitat we are intrinsically a part of, just as intrinsically in fact as the food we’ve been eating. But it’s not just free food, it’s better food!

What we’ve been eating, if we were able to purchase it at a farmer’s market or upscale grocery, would’ve been way out of our reach, not just because it would be considered exotic (the word irony doesn’t quite cover this….) but also because it’s all natural, organic and healthy.

And sustainable. No fertilizer, no water, no work necessary.

People have a right to know this.


Back-to-Mother Earth, Texas style

Today we had mesquite porridge (oatmeal?) with wild grapes, which is becoming my favorite thing for breakfast, acorn “brownies” with pecans (which is now Lacie’s favorite and bona fide delicacy if there ever was one), cattail soup and finally, slow-cooked venison ribs.

Bam. There you have it. Anyone that says hunter-gatherers enjoy a “…Short, nasty, brutish existence” has no idea what they’re talking about.


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