Wild foods are healthy, sustainable, and free. Propagating these species can restore native habitat while providing a healthy, sustainable and free resource for people.

Utilizing these kinds of resources can strengthen communities and improve social equality. It can also depress the need for traditionally large families due to agricultural and/or economic necessity. The effect of these reactions is a population’s fertility rate decreasing over time leading to a smaller population; which enables us to utilize these same resources even more.

Ultimately, as we restore more and more of these species, the more the natural environment is restored and the more these resources can meet our needs as a result; that positive correlation is the most important revelation of this truth. The near perfect biological efficiency of it is what makes it so sustainable. These species evolved to these natural environments, and to us, over hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. They need no extra handling, nor extraneous labor or much of anything else. They have their perfectly adapted roles in the biological community, and so do we.




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