The Dagda

This is about a week late but as many are now aware, Spring began in earnest just a handful of days ago. Like many peoples, we saw fit to celebrate this as a return of the Sun and resurrection of life.


We hunted Easter-eggs and Luna is in love with her new bunny (not a real rabbit). It’s interesting the endurance of the symbols associated with Easter and Springtime: Easter-eggs, Easter bunny, even the name Easter. East and Easter share the same root and derive from Germanic associations with dawn. Eggs and rabbits are beautifully perfect symbols of fertility, of the continuation of life; of life “springing” anew each year

We also finished planting the wild seeds we’d saved for our re-wilding project, which you can read about here.


Another activity we did was to just go be outside and to look for all the different signs of things changing. We found a plethora of wild flowers just beginning to shoot up, we picked wild onions, fresh lettuce and dandelions and we also found more bright, red, juicy eleagnus berries than we could carry. At the end, we brought all these things home with us and with the last of the doves, some acorn and  mesquite bread and a tiny bit of grape jam left over from last Summer, we had a feast to say goodbye to Winter and to say hello again to Spring.

Perhaps the most enduring tradition of this time of year is Hope. I have hope for the projects we want to finish this year, I have hope for us, but in general (and most of all) I have hope for the Future.

Spring Moon

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