New Painting 4

This is the fourth painting, and the last of the ones I’ve just finished. I’ll be working on several more for the next couple of months but I will upload them here eventually. As with the others, I’d been thinking about this painting for a while, but hadn’t found the proper piece of material to paint it on.


Community and fellowship have to be two of the most beautiful aspects of human life to me. Sadly, these essential features are missing from many peoples personal lives though.

Sharing something that we care about, that inspires us, is often the impetus for different communities everywhere. We have to remember that community, in a fundamental way, is about communion. And when we do come together, it’s important to remember that we’re not alone in this world, that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.

We all commune with that Greatness by interacting with each other, and so we are the Community of Life, because we commune together.

Thank you


New Painting 3

This is the third painting that I’ve completed recently. My idea was to try and illustrate how people, and indeed all life, can have a positively reinforcing relationship with their environment.

positive feedback loop
positive feedback loop

Restoring natural habitat doesn’t just assure us of necessary “ecosystem services”, it also affords us resources which can benefit us in a number of ways: from improving health to providing opportunities for a sustainable future to improving communities. But the greatest possible benefit of embracing these wild resources, however, is freedom.

In this painting I wanted to represent this notion in a way that would appeal, and hopefully, inspire people.

New Painting 2

This is the second painting I’d recently finished. I’d been toying with the idea for a while and had finally found the right piece of wood to paint it on.


Rain, and water in general, is so important, as us here in the state of Texas know only too well. A good rainstorm has such a lasting impact on people that you will commonly hear folks remark to each other, “Hey, remember that time it rained?”

Not that we don’t get rain, certainly we do here in east Texas, but good, hard, thrashing storms are something to be remembered for a generation. I think we were actually all just reminded of that power recently….

New Painting 1

Well, I finally finished this painting. I’ve been designing and working on it for over a year, but the process of arriving at it has been the culmination of several years’ thought and research.

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I wanted it be as practical as possible. So you can see when different wild foods are growing or when different animals are active. It’s the interconnection of so many different cycles of life and Nature that illustrates how, even if we don’t realize it, all life is inherently connected, metaphorically as well as in a literal sense.

I’m not sure what to title it. Looking at it I’m not sure if it’s a clock or a calendar, or a compass or a map. Maybe a little of each.

Over the next week or so, I’ll try and upload the other paintings I’ve just finished….