Midsummer Vacation

So the past couple of weeks (month really) I’ve taken a break, of sorts. I did finish another painting, which I’ll upload before to long, I have started working with a couple different organizations here in the Valley, I’ve worked some on custom pieces for a couple special people, but I’ve been doing a lot of writing and thinking and planning; I’ve taken a break, I swear!

Summer Sun

I am currently looking for a new job, and that brings it’s own brand of stress to life. Nonetheless, however, we did manage to relax and celebrate the brightest time of the year together as a family: Midsummer….which, coincidentally, was also my first Father’s day ever!

Being that time of year, we first went around and picked as many grapes as we had bags to fill them. Midsummer (June 21st) is usually about the time when mustang grapes ripen here in the Brazos valley and, obviously, make a welcome treat as juice or jam or just a tasty, yummy treat on the longest day of the year. The full sunshine, freshly ripened wild grapes, a stirring breeze, running laughter; some memories are a blur when we look back, but the feelings, the emotions you felt, those last forever.

Wild night with two beautiful girls….

We also spent a lovely weekend down on the island with some family: lovely nights in the moonlight on the beach, listening to the waves sing and watching the moon dancing silver across their forms.

-A wonderful meeting of Luna and the Sea.


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