Summer’s ending

I’ve just finished carving a new necklace; it’s for someone special, whose going to be celebrating a very important day soon…. I was asked to come up with a design based on a rabbit or a hare as the event is being planned around that theme.

Bunny pendant; mother of pearl

Summer feels like it is already fading into Autumn. The wild grapes are gone, the passion fruits are quickly disappearing and the mesquite trees have just ripened all of their seeds. A wonderful year, with a lot to have been thankful for, and a lot more to still look forward to.


Luna has been to the beach twice now this year, and she wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it. On Padre island we found more wonderful sea shells than I will know what to do with. They were all broken into large pieces, but polished smooth and shiny by the crashing waves.

bejeweled beach

In the shape they’re in, I’ll have a great time carving them into beautiful pieces for people; I already have some ideas in my head!

I’ll also never forget the sight of the beach as if it were covered in glistening jewels of every color imaginable, like something from a fairytale.

There has been a lot going on around our house; both Lacie and I both have been scrambling to finish several projects we’ve been working on, all of them beautiful. But the chaos will be over shortly, and we can begin to relax into the fall.

This has been such a wonderful Summer. We’ve gotten to visit with family and friends so much (but never enough!) and Luna has gotten to experience so any new and exciting things.

dragonflies at the arboretum
autumnal koi

This past year has gone by so fast, and already it’s beginning to fade. The colors of Spring have been burnt by the Summer sun and now are replaced by red and yellow and golden brown. But these too are beautiful in the own, special way. And there is always more to look forward to.



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