One Year


It’s been one year since I’ve started this site. That’s one year since I’ve become serious about what I want to try to do with myself.

It was just after Halloween last year that I posted the first entry on this website, detailing my perspective on wild foods and the impact this resource can have in our lives.

Additionally, one year ago I began developing a new artistic portfolio to try and illustrate the positive relationship humans, and indeed all life, have with their environment. Amazingly, I have almost finished this.


I can honestly say that I have not worked so hard nor turned out so many pieces since art school, and even then, nothing this authentic. I’m not tooting my horn here, knocking out these paintings has been a slug-fest at times. Trying to keep true to the vision while also just completing the work is a ceaseless balancing act between the clarity of mind and the strain of your back.


Despite all this, over the last several months, I have had the real pleasure of working with an organization that shares this passion for reconnecting people with Nature. The Urban Interface is a local non-profit here is the Brazos valley that focuses on educating and introducing kids to the amazing wildlife species which share our home with us.


We do interactive, educational programs free of charge at schools in both Bryan and College Station (and occasionally elsewhere!) that bring kids face-to-face with local wildlife. Many of the people we talk to are always amazed to learn just how many different species of wildlife live here. Our goal is to both teach and inspire kids to connect with their environment in a way they may have never thought possible before.

It’s been through working with this organization that I’ve started to see real hope for change. There is a better way to live, an easier, more healthful way to live together. I’m a romantic, but this isn’t really about aesthetics, it’s about efficiency and what works best. Nature works. It just also happens to be breath-taking.


Over the next year, hopefully, I’ll see these pieces I’ve been working so hard on allowed in some galleries here and, hopefully, they’ll inspire people. I do also intend to get them photographed and to sell prints, either directly from this website or from the Facebook page. Believe it or not, I am looking forward to getting these done with because there is a bunch more that I have in mind to work on….