Recipe: Pancakes!


Nearly everyone seems to love delicious, fluffy pancakes. But I bet you didn’t know you could make them out of a wide variety of different ingredients too! We’ve made pancakes out with acorn flour (my favorite), mesquite flour, cattail pollen, and more.

Because they’re so simple, pancake recipes are really versatile. Eggs, flour medium or substitute, maybe some baking powder and a little water or oil. The one word of caution I will say, be mindful of the sugar content of the medium you are trying to cook with. Beautyberry flour is very sweet, but as a result, that sugar caramelizes and burns too quickly for pancakes. By the same token, blackberry or any other fruit flours wouldn’t work either. Unfortunately…

To make a small batch of pancakes, I usually use:

1 cup of “flour”

2 eggs

1-2 tbsp baking powder

Dash of almond milk or other liquid, to improve fluidity

Whatever copious amount of various toppings or syrups your wild heart desires….

First I mix together all the ingredients listed above in a mixing bowl. Depending on the flour you’re using, you could add vanilla extract, or cinnamon, nutmeg or other flavorful spices to give your breakfast a little more jazz.


Next I transfer this mixture to a spouted measuring cup, for easy pouring into the pan or griddle. Which, speaking of, I would then turn onto medium heat and add a couple spoonfuls of olive oil to.

Once the pan is nice and hot, pour your first pancake. Try to keep it a little smaller, so you can get a better feel for how different flours behave. Flip ’em once, feeling to make sure they’re cooking all the way through. Once your heat builds up, it won’t takr long at all for each one to finish. Some materials will cook faster than other, though. Cattail pollen being the fastest.


As you finish them, or once they’re all done, choose whatever hellacious toppings you can think of. Acorn pancakes I like to top with applesauce and dried beautyberries. Mesquite or cattail pancakes are good with honey, or jelly. Mesquite-jalapeno jelly is particularly wonderful with cattail pancakes, but then it’s wonderful with everything honestly….


Have fun!


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