Recipe: Beautyberry Flour


Once you meet the wonderful beautyberry, not only will you never forget it, but you’ll begin seeing it everywhere! It’s quickly becoming popular in landscaping due to its natural hardiness and lack of maintenance. It also is important for local wildlife as it provides Winter forage when many other foods are gone.

Many people have tried making beautyberry jelly before, and it is amazing. We feel that if Autumn were to have an official flavor, it would be beautyberry jelly. However, we decided to take our love of beautyberries to next level.

A source of wild carbohydrates, they can taste mildly astringent when raw. But, we wondered if “maturing” them, the sugars that is, in a dehydrator would have the same effect as with other fruits like wine grapes and persimmons. Well, we were right!

Not only that, beautyberry breads are rather light and fluffy with a decidedly rich, chocolate taste.

To make this amazing stuff, simply gather as much beautyberries as you want (and after tasting it, you may want a lot!). Puree your berries in a blender with a little water to get things going. Transfer this slurry to your dehydrator and leave on medium low until the berry puree is brittle and dry.


Afterwards, remove the crisp, cracker-like stuff and place in a food processor. Start the processor and grind it until it’s a fine powder.

You can store it in any tupperware or other container, but I would recommend storing it in the fridge, due to the sugars present.


Beautyberry flour is great for making brownies, cakes, muffins, even a seasonal Yule log or cookies!


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