The Wild Foods Garden

This past weekend, I finally began one of the most important projects that I’ve been working on over the past several years. As a joint effort between the City of Bryan department  of Parks and Recreation and the Brazos Valley chapter of Texas Master Naturalists, we have started the first ever Wild Foods Garden.

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The Wild Foods Garden is a living classroom where members of the community can come to learn about wild species of edible plants. In addition to teaching people how to identify and locate these abundant resources, we also focus on showing people just how easy it is to plant and spread these species as well! The importance of which is: because wild foods are so efficient, because they’re so nutritious, because they’re free and most importantly because they’re important actors in the local ecosystem, the more we plant and restore these species, the more we can provide people with a free and nutritious food source while at the same time supporting valuable natural habitat.

We were all so pleased with the amount of people who signed up for the first class and turned out to begin this amazing project. It was so beautiful to see people of all ages working together to build a connection with each other and their environment. I’ve said it all along, what we’re doing is trying to re-establish a thriving community of life, an ecosystem, with humans as an integral part of it. Seeing so many different people come together and taking an interest in their world, that was the essence of that community.

Classes are free and we’ll be holding them the last Saturday of every month, at 10am, in Camelot park in Bryan, TX. If you’re interested in attending the classes, you can register for them here.

So much has started to come together here, from finishing my current portfolio (finally!) to at long last getting this project off the ground, it can be really difficult keeping everything in focus. Times like that it’s important to keep yourself grounded on the things that matter most; on the people and ideals which will help you persevere and stay on the track when everything else starts to become a blur.

For me, that’s a sense of Home. And the notion I have of myself as an extension of that home. I am a human being, but I am also an artist and a teacher. Living that role isn’t so much an obligation, as it’s a fulfillment of who I am as an individual. Keeping in touch with that feeling keeps me connected to what I love, and who I love. I suppose that’s what Home means to me: Love.

It’s the message I try to convey to people with my art, and showing people the reality is my hope and my goal for this amazing opportunity we have just begun at The Wild Foods Garden.


Announcement: Prints Now Available!

I am very proud to announce that prints of selected works are now available for ordering!



I tried to judge the best works that I had to offer and make them available in a range of sizes too. There are actually two new paintings which I just completed, included with the others:

I’ve been very moved by the beautiful way that life cycles around us; The imagery of a circle itself can be rather peaceful. And so I wanted to try and show how these changes continue and flow into each other and repeat.

There are three more paintings which I’m actually close to finishing as well, and they will also be made available within the next couple of weeks; I will be sure to make an announcement when they are. Several other of my paintings are currently not available as prints, but in the future they may be as I have time to go back and re-visit them.

I’m going to turn some of my attention to working on new ideas for the Texas Reds festival this Fall, and while I plan on having some of my original paintings there, I’m designing several different hand-carved pieces to showcase as well…

I want to thank everyone who encouraged, or helped, or pushed me to finish this portfolio. Perhaps even told me to slow down and take a break sometimes too. Seems like it’s been an eternity getting these done and reaching this point, but I definitely plan to keep growing.



-Sean Wall