Amaranth (Amaranthus spp.)


In late Spring and early Summer, the amaranth plants begin to flourish. They can usually be found in sunny fields along the edge of woodlands. They can tolerate high heat, without water, but the biggest plants are usually in meadows where the soil is slightly more moist. Their green leaves are an excellent addition to salads or stir fries, while their ripe seed heads are useful much in the same way as quinoa. A single plant can produce thousands of seeds. The best way to gather them is to shake the seed heads into a paper bag.



If you’d like to transplant this amazing vegetable into your garden, the best way is to start the plant from seed in a small pot or other container and then to transfer into a larger bed. Amaranth greens and seeds are a favorite of caterpillars and songbirds, respectively. But I think humans are the species of wildlife which benefit from them the most!


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