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My name is Sean Wall, I am an educator and artist working to teach people and communities about the important natural resources our environment provides, and how we can develop more efficient, sustainable and healthful relationships with them.

Edible wild plant species are extremely tenacious, as any gardener can tell you. They are also highly nutritious and require little to no maintenance to grow, thrive, and continue to provide a sustainable source of quality nutrition. They also serve immense importance to local ecosystems; cycling nutrients and preserving soils, as well as providing for pollinators and wildlife. Essentially they are natural habitat, and learning about and propagating these species doesn’t just benefit our environment, it can help provide a more healthy and secure quality of life for us too!

You can visit the Gardens section of this site to see more about some of the projects I have been involved in, teaching communities about native and wild plant species and how they, and local ecosystems, can both benefit from them. Please also take a moment to navigate the different pages regarding information about selected wild species, which are currently In Season and how to ID them, and then how to put together some memorable dishes with your wild harvests.

Much of the artwork I produce here is also created using natural resources, or is directly inspired by the relationships found among them. I’m a very positive person; I have a lot of hope for our future, and that hope is reflected in my work.

If you’d like more information on how you can start your own Wild Foods Garden, or for general Foraging questions, please fill out the form on the left side of the screen, or contact me at sean.c.wall@hotmail.com

Thank you for visiting!

Luna and the Lotus


-all image credits Sean and/or Lacie Wall, unless otherwise specified


One thought on “About”

  1. Sean, your work is amazing. I stand is awe of the talent God has truly blessed you with. May He continue to bless and guide you as you follow the path set before you. I love you and Lacie and Precious Luna.

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