Helpful Resources

Below are some of the most helpful sites I’ve found across the net. Whether you’re interested in Fine Art or sustainable living. Or where to actually find some wild grub or how to cook gourmet meals with it.

Art979 ; ACBV

The two links above are local art organizations here in the Brazos river valley. There are some great and amazing people here. It’s also a good way to get started in the area as well.

The above link is for those interested in planting wild species in their homes or in other places around your community! Restoring wild habitat benefits local wildlife species and ecosystems, but can also benefit people!


For those fortunate enough to live in the great State of Texas, the above resource has all the information anyone interested in agricultural appraisals based on wildlife management would need. This program is one of the greatest incentives being used to encourage people to help protect and conserve natural habitat.


This site has an inspiring story of some folks in the U.K. that built their house totally from sustainable materials! In Wales, they’ve passed a Sustainable Living Initiative to allow people to find ways to live in harmony with their environment using permacultural techniques. There is also a wealth of resources regarding this topic with information that can be accessed from this site as well.


If you live in the Lone Star state, this is a great beginners’ guide to wild edibles that can be found in our fair land. There is an emphasis on species found in and around South-east Texas, centered on the Houston area.

This is an open source map for people who like to share wild food with others. As such, anyone can add to it and the locations uploaded to it can be updated with information regarding season, accessibility and abundance. I’ve actually added many of the locations in the area where I live so, if you live in Bryan/College Station, Texas, maybe I’ll see you around….

Hunter. Angler. Gardner. Cook

This man runs an award-winning blog on his adventures throughout the Golden State in foraging for wild edibles, hunting, gardening fine cookery, and life lessons. His recipes are something to aspire to, but his thoughts on wild ethics may be even more enticing. It really is something to be inspired by.








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