The Wild

3Here you can find information about planting wild species and the different Wild Garden projects I have been involved with. Wild foods have a real potential to benefit our communities, while also supporting natural habitat. Working with local groups and other organizations to create spaces where people can enjoy these resources doesn’t just create healthier communities, it helps create healthier environments too!

Wild Gardens


You can also find some of our favorite recipes for foraging gourmet dishes. Wild foods are delicious, with unique and amazing flavors, while also being packed with nutrition. Many of these recipes are simple and easy to put together, but could still end up being your new favorite dish. Who knew your next dinner party show piece was growing right in your own backyard!

Wild Foods


You can also read through basic species information for select wild species which my family forages for throughout the year. These are some of our favorite species which we look forward to all year. From American beautyberry to Turk’s cap mallow, there are many which might be familiar as well as some which may be new to you too!

Wild Plant Info




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