Our Wild Garden

We see the knowledge we’ve gained about wild foods and their uses as a potential for creating a positive feedback loop between ourselves and our environment. If we make an effort to restore as much of these native plants as we can, then we have the potential to benefit exponentially from them. At the same time, we’re helping to restore crucial natural habitat for wildlife and bring important plant species back into the ecosystem. The more we keep doing this, the more the environment as a whole benefits, the more we ourselves benefit in turn.

Everybody wins.

It’s utilizing basic evolutionary biology. Humans do have a natural place in the ecosystems we find ourselves in, that is, we can benefit from the environment in its natural state; we actually evolved to do just that. The more that we improve and restore more species to our environment, the more there is for us to benefit from.

That is the essence of Community.



Our original statement of intent; to demonstrate how restoring native species of edible plants could benefit both humans and the environment.


Our first steps in this experiment began to indicate that we were playing by a different set of rules, for better or worse….


A detailed account of the various species we planted and the considerations we took for each


We ran into an important set-back initially, but we learned a valuable lesson which actually made our task easier the following year!


Our Wild Garden finally took off, and have enjoyed seeing the effect its had not only on our lives, but the Community of Life all around us….

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