Curled Dock (Rumex crispus)

Curled, or curly, dock is one of the most prolific plants seen here in Texas; you just may not recognize it! Beginning in the Spring, these plants start growing large rosettes of mild, tasty leaves. By mid-Spring, they quickly start to shoot up tall flower spikes. These start off green and then turn a dark brown as the seeds ripen by around mid-Summer.

Curly dock is tolerable of a variety of environments. It does do better around water, and it produces more seeds in full sun than under shade. In my experience, these plants have a seemingly magical ability to just appear where they weren’t before. Barring that, if you’d like to transplant them into your yard or garden for some tasty greens or rustic flours, sprinkling the ripe seeds around your plot is more than sufficient to propagate them!

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