Lemon Bee Balm/ Horsemint (Monarda spp.)


There a couple different varieties of bee balm throughout this part of Texas; we’ve found three different ones just in Bryan/College Station! All of them have an amazing aroma and make wonderful herbal teas as well as additions to soups, stews and other dishes!

Once the rains pass in mid to late April, these purple to lavender flowers can be found all throughout sunny meadows and even just along the roadside. They are  great attractant for butterflies and honeybees and may also help deter mosquitoes, no small feat around these parts!


To add them to your garden, wait for the flower heads to dry out and go to seed, then collect them and disperse around the ares you’d like to see them. Most wildflower seeds need to over-winter in order to germinate, so scatter the seeds soon after you gather them.

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