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New Year

-“the sun must set to rise”

I’m not in the habit of making attempts at changing or bettering my persona in observance of the new year; it never works out very well anyway, as many people know….

We do however have a new year’s tradition, we just don’t so much as make resolutions as generally express our hopes for the coming year. On the night about halfway between midwinter and the first day of Spring, we light a sky-lantern.

Before we light it though, we write all the things that we’re looking forward to for that year or hoping for on it, and then we light the lantern and let it drift off. It’s beautiful to me because letting it go off into the sky with all our hopes written on it kinda acknowledges how things aren’t totally in our control throughout the year.

Incidentally that is why I personally don’t try to make binding contracts with myself this time of year….

However,  one big thing I am hoping for is to finish the portfolio I am putting together by year’s end. I’ve been trying to get a new one together for a while now and things are really starting to come together. I’m really proud of all the pieces I’m working on right now and I’m hoping they’ll inspire other people too!

So here’s to hope, hope for inspiration, and that it’s something we can share….